Nathan Hoogs began working in glass at the age of twenty, shortly after returning home from college. His introduction to the craft serendipitously began with an apprenticeship at a glass shop in the Berkshires. It was a unique opportunity, and he felt that he had found his true path.

Nathan quickly learned the craft through production. The studio

also offered its employees time to create their own pieces. Nathan enjoyed the challenge of designing and creating his own work.  Eventually, he became aware of other studios in the area and took a part time position at Fellerman Raabe Glass in Sheffield, MA. This is where he met his wife and glassblowing partner, Elizabeth Crawford.

Nathan then attended Penland School of Crafts for a two month intensive taught by Peter Ivy. He returned the following year to study with Einar and Jamie De La Tore. Penland offered Nathan the ability to focus entirely on his own work. It was a total immersion in glassblowing and he left feeling truly inspired.

For the next few years, Nathan and Elizabeth rented studio space in the Berkshires to make their own work, and start their business.  When that studio closed its doors Nathan found a new position with Gartner Blade Glass in Ashley Falls, MA. He worked there for four and a half years, helping them create their beautiful work. During that time, Nathan and Elizabeth began building their own studio.

In 2008, their shop near the Berkshires was completed and today the dream they shared together for all those years is a reality.

As a child, Elizabeth Crawford was always fascinated by glass. She started a glass bottle collection at age 10 and she frequented craft shows with her parents looking to meet people working with glass. At age fifteen she saw glassblowing for the first time in Kent, CT and became enthralled.  The studio offered workshops and she took her first lesson there. After that, she knew that glassblowing was her passion.

Elizabeth attended Massachusetts College of Art to study Glassblowing. She relocated from Boston to the Berkshires to work as head assistant for Fellerman Raabe Glass. Elizabeth quickly became fluent in running a glassblowing business. During the two years she worked there, she met and began working with Nathan Hoogs. He was from the area and was working at another glass studio in West Stockbridge. They became fast friends and worked together at both studios whenever they had the chance to make their own work. They both dreamed of having their own studio some day.

Nathan and Elizabeth worked together for five years creating and developing work, and in 2004 were married. Their son Aiden was born the following year and they began building a studio and gallery on their home property soon there after. In 2008, the studio was finished and once again their journey in glass began.

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