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Glass Blowing in the Berkshires

My current work in glass is the result of several years of discovering what I like to make.  My studio is a big inspiration for me; It puts me in a creative mood.  It is my biggest creation, having built it from the ground up.  The ritual of lighting up the furnace and kiln in the morning, setting up the tools, organizing, all motivate me to create quality work.  My focus in my career right now is to keep trying out new ideas, techniques, and colors.  I believe that change is healthy.

I have made a conscious decision to stay away from production.  It is the result of my training; I was a production glass blower for 10 years.  I am much more interested in creating new work.  It is trilling for me and gives me immense satisfaction to produce what I had imagined.  It is equal parts technical and artistic.  The craft is based on skills and techniques.  What I can do with that artistically is what matters most to me. 

My color cabinet is my favorite part of the shop.  It embodies the full potential of my day.  It is exciting to try a new color combination or process for applying it.  I love to go through the color and feel out what speaks to me.

I begin a piece with a good idea of what I’m creating, and have the steps planned out, but I’m also open to letting it go another way if it wants.  The molten glass has it’s own characteristics, so I don’t fight it if I like what it’s doing.  It’s a great way to break out of old habits.

Much of my current work is in collaboration with my wife Elizabeth, who is also a Glass Artist.  We are each other’s sounding board and we try to reinforce each other’s decisions about the work.  I like that we have different strengths.  

Every day that I blow glass is an opportunity for me to push myself further.  I strive to make the most of that opportunity.  And as long as I enjoy what I do for a living, I can’t help but become a better Artist and Glass Blower. 

Nathan’s Artist Statement