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Glass Blowing in the Berkshires

The nature of molten glass captivated me as a child.  I watched the glassblowers dance around one another with their pipes, heating and re-heating in the ovens, working together to create a work of art. The tools were so unusual and beautiful.  I knew that glassmaking was my passion and I pursued this wholeheartedly.

When I work with glass I am reminded that people have done this for centuries. This connection to the past is inspiring to me.  The art of glassmaking has such mysterious qualities that it truly takes many years of working with the material to understand its secrets and nuances. I have learned to appreciate the complexity of the material and I am continually challenged by it.  Working with my husband has also inspired and influenced my work.  Our individual approaches to use of color, design and technique spark new ideas. The collaborative element lends itself to ever evolving work.

I begin my work first by giving thought to the shape, size and color decorations I would find aesthetically pleasing.  All of the color needs to be prepared beforehand and is applied during the blowing and re-melting of the glass.  One of the signature qualities of the pieces I create is my use of multiple layers of different size frits and powders, which are folded and blended together.  This technique results in creating landscapes of color that are unique and cannot be replicated.  I use this in my wave bowl and Shard-scape series.  I know the piece is done when I like the proportions, shape and color while it is still hot on the pipe.  It is then that the piece is removed from the pipe and put into an oven to cool slowly.

When my work is going well I am filled with a sense of satisfaction and exhilaration.  I strive for excellence in craftsmanship and uniqueness in my use of color and design.  When people see my work I want them to be drawn into the layers of color.  I want them to experience and see things that I may not have intended. I know the piece is special when I find it hard to part with. I have always felt that glassblowing was my destiny and I am so grateful to have my dream become reality.

Liz’s Artist Statement